If you use your baths within our recommendations you should have little detox reactions.

A detox reaction occurs when toxins are moving rapidly out of the body. if you experience a detox reaction this means the detox is working well, but your elimination channels are not.

We prefer you to enjoy your detox experience so we recommend and use a gentler slower approach.

This should cater to most people’s needs. If you experience any of these symptoms, use half the amount of minerals and bath for half the recommended time, allow your body to tell you what it needs and adjust the minerals each bath until a full bath is tolerated.

Natural solutions for cellular detox reactions, click on the + sign to see the solution

Solution: Drink plenty of pure water and take a cup of our Digestive Detox Tea after the bath, take a shorter bath next time.

This indicates that the body wants to throw off toxins, vomiting is nature’s way to quickly purge toxins from the body. Occasionally this may be the prefered path for the body needing to throw off toxins. it is the quickest way out.

Solution: Drink bowel detox tea, Go to bed, Drink plenty of lemon water, Cover eyes with cool face washer, Focus the mind on the toes and feet
Solution: Make sure the bath water is cooler at body temperature and/or do not soak as long.
Solution: Use half the suggested quantity of minerals, make sure the bath water is not really hot, soak in the bath for half the amount of time. This is recommended on in the instructions at the back of the wrapper.

Solution: It is inconvenient, however it is a positive healing sign. Treat any flu symptom the same as you would treat the flu using only natural products. eg.

Headaches – use the suggestion above,

High temp – monitor it 4 times a day, rest, drink plenty of fluids  pure water, herbal tea ‘Tranquility Tea‘ or fresh green juices, eat fresh juicy fruits for energy and easy digestion if you feel hungry.

Aches – rest, drink pure water take a magnesium bath with 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar. this will support muscle detox and help with acidity in the body. Your body is processing a lot of toxic release so it is important to support all elimination channels. See your natural health care provider if necessary for extra support.

Bath – continue to bath each day if you have flu symptoms, use 1/4 of the recommended dose and take 20 minute baths

Solution: Become the observer of your dreamtime, record your dreams in a dream journal for reflection at a later time. Dreams are a way for repressed subconscious energies to be released.
Solution: Be aware of the area being affected. This opens an opportunity to visit your natural health care provider for deeper cellular support and personal detoxification guidance in that area. To treat the area more specifically you can make a Crystal Detox Mud poultice to help draw toxins via the skin.
Solution: Make a alkaline Crystal Detox Lotion with Crystal Detox Bath and massage or spritz onto skin to calm itchiness.
Solution: Make an alkaline Crystal Detox Lotion with Crystal Detox Bath and massage or spritz onto skin several times a day.
Solution: Enjoy your new personal vibration, use a weekly maintenance bath (1 full packet 100gm ) to maintain your energy.


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