The Crystal Detox™ Zeolite range has been developed by herbalist, energy healer and psychotherapist Kim Lansdowne-Walker of PureBalance® to support daily care of your body, emotions, mind and spirit  through a simple and easy method of home care detoxification.

Spirit Detox Bath™, is made of pure Australian Zeolite Minerals. This is the  main product in this range. Other products are delicious organic herbal teas for internal detoxification via the blood and digestive system. Used on a regular basis these products support the natural detoxification channels of the body.

The Crystal Detox Range

  • Spirit Detox Bath ™- zeolite pulls toxins from the body and cells like a magnet, via the skin in a simple bath.
  • Blood Purifying Tea ™- organic medicinal herbs gently work to purify and alkalize the body and blood to support deeper cellular purification and cellular repair.
  • Digestive Detox Tea ™- enjoyable spearmint flavoured tea, enhances and heals digestive system and assists energizing the body, use after meals and mid afternoon for a natural pick me up.
  • Vegan Eco Space Clearing Soy Melts – clear low vibrations from spaces and rooms
  • Crystal Clarity Mist– uplifting, clearing, calming and protective energies of Sandalwood, Australian minerals and Lemon myrtle work to clear your aura and personal space in and instant. Great for summer and as a facial spritzer.
  • Crystal Detox Organic Deodorant – once you detoxify don’t put chemical back into your body, our deodorant works amazingly well, there are 4 fragrances, all natural no chemicals or aluminum.
  • Body Lotion Lymphatic & Cellulite – coming soon – specially formulated for weight loss, and cellulite detoxification. An all natural lotion with active ingredients of pure essential oils to combat cellular and lymphatic congestion.

How Crystal Detox Works