This general information is to help you get started with your new bathing minerals. You will notice that Crystal Detox Bath has many uses. Crystal Detox bath is a 100% highly active natural alkaline crystalline minerals direct from the earth with NO additives, from an Australian pristine clean area.

Crystal Detox Bath is a unique product which supports healing and body detoxification via the skin, gently assisting all levels of your being. It is safe to use on children and elderly when used as directed – see the guidelines below.

Answer to your questions

Easy whole body detoxification
Don’t  have a bath? – Take a Foot Bath Instead
Beauty Treatments
Body Treatments
First Aid Treatments
Bath Water and Temperature
NO Sharing the bath water
DETOX Reactions
How many baths should I take?
Bath use and clean up
Precautions, When NOT to use Spirit Detox Bath