Use 12 x 100g (1 full box) baths over 6 – 8 weeks. For best results follow a vegan detoxification eating program.

  • Week 1. take 3 x 20 minutes baths. Use half a packet each bath 50gm
  • Week 2. take 2 x 30 minute baths. Use whole packet each bath 100gm
  • Week 3. take 2 x 40 minute baths.Use whole packet each bath 100gm
  • Week 4 to 8 Continue to take 2 baths a week until all 12 baths have been completed.

A weekly maintenance bath  is recommended on completion of a seasonal detox, especially if you live in a city or a are exposed to chemicals, radiation or toxins.

Use the following amounts in your bath

Your 1st two baths – use half the recommended zeolite to achieve gentle detoxification.

15 years to Adults – Use one whole 100g packet each bath.

Children 5 years to 14 years – Use 1/3 packet each bath take regular baths up to 2-3
each week until results obtained, continue maintenance one bath each week. Teenagers, use up to 1/2 packet (50g)

The Elderly and Chronic Illness – Use 1/4 packet (25g) first bath, increase by 1/4 packet (25g)
each bath until comfortable tolerating full 100g bath. Also see Foot Baths, and poultices if bathing if bathing not possible .

Babies to 5 years – Use 1/4 packet (25g) per bath,

Maintenance Care – Take a bath once a week to preventing build up of environmental toxins.

After your bath

Rest, with feet up for 60 minutes

Drink up to 3 cups of Crystal Detox organic ‘Blood Purifier Tea’ or ’Digestive Detox’ herbal teas and 1 liter of pure water.

Moisturize and protect your skin with Crystal Detox body lotion or cellulite reduction body lotion an all natural body lotions with clinoptilolite to improve skin tone, retain moisture to prevent dry skin or treat cellulite

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