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Glass Easily Removed from Foot


Hi I’d like to tell you how fantastic spirit detox bath is. I had a tiny piece of glass in my foot for over 6 weeks and couldn’t get it out. I was about to go see a doctor then I thought of making a mineral compress with the Spirit Detox Bath. I made a thick paste with the minerals and put this on the sole of my foot, held it in place with plastic wrap to kept it on over night whilst sleeping, I made another compress next day and had it in place for the day and just for certain i used another poultice a second night. I washed my foot and the tiny piece of glass was no longer there. I was so happy it amazed me. I had heard that you can use the minerals for lots of things, but to my surprise it removed the tiniest fragment of glass which no one could even see. I will try the minerals for the other things I have read they are good for.”

Sharon P. Bardwell Park NSW

I’m so excited to share my story. I recently used spirit detox minerals to draw an infection from my gum which was bothering me for 3 months, I could not afford to see a dentist so I thought I’d try these minerals. I made a paste with the minerals and put it on the blister I had on my gum twice a day just once and it has relieved the pain, swelling and discomfort. I cant believe how effective it was in such a short time. I am continuing to use it daily until my gum fully heels. Thank you so much for an amazing product.”

Julie L, Cambelltown NSW


harleysadHarley getting detox mud treatment for infected paw causing him to go off his food go very quiet on weekend!!

His paw and claw badly swollen infected he couldn’t walk on it & stopped eating instead of vet visit I tried crystal detox mud packs for 3 days and now he is running around happy again saved me vet visit and fees.

Harley after 3 days of detox mud treatments he is up running around with all the energy to play.. So glad I didn’t have to take him to vet for antibiotics!!

D. Lansdowne, Mildura Vic 2013

My daughter had one of the bath crystals left from her treatments with you (spirit detox bath) so I decided to use it. It was magic as I had a lump for 2 years under my foot and it actually came out while having the bath, I couldn’t believe it.

Kind Regards Allison